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If you’re a homeowner you could have your old, faulty, inefficient boiler replaced, providing a member of your household is receiving qualifying benefits.

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The process for a FREE boiler

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Boiler grants are available to individuals and families providing they receive one of the qualifying benefits, listed below.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be the homeowner, if there is a family member living in the household claiming benefits, the homeowner can benefit from a new boiler grant.

Under the government scheme your boiler must be over 7 years old, inefficient and faulty to qualify for the FREE Boiler funding.

Whilst being in receipt of one or more of the benefits listed below may entitle you to funding, it is the size, energy efficiency of the property and other measures that will determine how much funding you will receive.

Depending on the level of funding achieved you may be required to make a small contribution.

The Government initiative, the Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) helps families who are on low incomes and in receipt of qualifying benefits to reduce their energy bills.

The big energy companies like British Gas, EDF, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE are required by the government to help you save money on your heating if you meet the scheme criteria.

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After completing our easy online form, one of our funding team will contact you to check your eligibility and estimated amount of funding.

Once qualified we will then arrange a date and time for an energy surveyor to come to the property to complete your FREE home energy survey.

As part of the process, they will need to check your entitlements to benefits to ensure you are eligible.

Subject to the survey, we will then arrange a date and time to install your new energy efficient A-rated Boiler with one of our approved installers.

What if you don't claim benefits

If you, or anyone in your household is not in receipt of any qualifying benefits, you could still be eligible for a discounted boiler replacement. Click for a FREE no-obligation quote from installers in your area.

Why use Free Boiler UK

We work closely with a trusted network of UK installers and we’ve been helping people to access free government boiler funding to reduce their energy bills, since 2013.

Benefit from a free home energy survey to determine the amount of funding for your property, once confirmed, our qualified and accredited installers will arrange a suitable time with you to install your brand new, ‘A’ rated boiler.

The required assessment will be carried out by our surveyor and once your entitlement has been confirmed, our qualified and accredited installers will arrange a suitable time with you to install your brand new, ‘A’ rated boiler.

The installation is usually completed on the same day. Our booking team will coordinate the entire process and address any queries you may have regarding the installation.

The install include the following:

boiler and smart controls
My old boiler was broken and I'm on benefits, so couldn't afford a new one. I'm absolutely made up with my brand new boiler and it was free!
Mary Thomkins
Cheadle Hulme
What a brilliant service. From the easy online form to the helpful team, that were in touch at every stage, and of course Jamie the friendly fitter who was so quick and tidy.
Phil Robertson
I applied on the website and within a week I had a replacement boiler installed for free! My heating bills are so much cheaper now as well. Thanks to all your team.
Niralee Challa

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